This is a game result verification and certification software that also features a gaming market which is free to enter, video and screen recording features, multiplayer audio-video support, and a betting system based on our tokens/credits. This is a betting platform which allows users to bet on gaming results, as players or viewers.

Not available for US and Canada!

    Oct 31 2023
    May 15 2024
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About this project (5 min reading)

I will try to make this as short as possible. I never liked reading long whitepapers. I believe this project is very easy to understand in less than 5 minutes. Also, the most important feature in any project, meaning the utility of the project is very clear and obvious. I think it's not even worth mentioning the gaming industry money numbers.

This is not a casino, and will not feature cards games, roulette, Poker or any other casino games. This platform is oriented for multiplayer gaming, with support for Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices.

Games result verification and certification platform and blockchain, with betting features, and a library where people can upload their games as developers and get a percentage of the fees produced by that game. In other words, it will be a software that is similar to Steam + Twitch + sports betting, all in one. Plus a section for tournaments, championships and all kinds of events that users can vote for or propose and be involved directly. This will be a place where any small game developer can add their game, as an individual, without having a company, and also make money out of it. And the people who play multiplayer games have the option to play and also make money every day, no matter if there’s a championship or not.

Top 3 main advantages of this project are:

1. Utility:
The platform offers a real service, easy to understand how it works and why.

2. Competition:
It has none yet! It has never been done. Google it and do your research. If this project will get even 0.1% of the industry money flow, it will be worth billions, and the price of the tokens will most likely increase. The main advantage is that this is the first platform of its kind. A crypto betting platform on gaming results based on our custom blockchain. I do believe this is the first of its kind.

3. Dependency:
This platform will not depend on any gaming software company. This software will run as an independent application. Our verification and certification systems are buit in such a way that they never interfere with the code of the games. Therefore, it will never need any approval or integration from the companies who own the games. Yes, however we will offer more features and support for the companies who will want to better integrate our systems. The result of the game is not the property of the game developer, it is the property of the user/gamer. This platform will however of course integrate games that are not hackable, like old games that now many have cheats or hacks integrated to cheat the results, and their code is altered. Even in such old games that are now still ok, the risk of a new exploit always exists. One way of how our systems work to certify the result will include a reputation rating of each user, ratings and comments on their profile, and also a human arbitrary 3rd party dispute department from our side, in case that the players will not agree in the end on the result, and accuse each other of cheating. All players must click confirm and agree on the result after a match. Any dispute result will remain on the history of their profile, and of course when you will see a profile that has many disputes lost, people will not want to play with them anymore. The platform will require identity checks, to make it harder for cheaters to come back by only making a new email account. This platform will also open doors for quick monetization based on the success rate of a game, to any beginner, small, private game developer for free, without the need of starting a company. We will always offer free integration and support to anyone who wants to post their game on this platform. It will also generate income/tokens for the game owner, from the total fees produced by the games owned.

How it works

People will be able to play their favorite games while betting on the result. The winner takes it all. It will support any games, (not games based on luck like casino games) from chess to 3d shooters, we will start with the most popular titles like (CS, Battlefield, FarCry), strategy (Age of Empires titles, Starcraft, C&C, Warcraft), racing games and generally all most popular multiplayer games. Console and Android games will not be supported. You will be able to bet on the result of that game/race/battle. The platform will use its own game credits/tokens (called GCO). The betting tokens are based on Ethereum blockchain, which you can use to bet on this platform or exchange back to any crypto. I will not get into technical features, as this step took us 2 years to develop. It will also be for viewers. Viewers mode means when you only prefer to watch live streaming games, and you will also be able to bet on the result of that game against other viewers.

The maximum tokens sold in this first step will be the equivalent of 50 mil GCO, limited max cap. The total number of tokens after the ICO will be limited at 33 billion with no other burning features or changes. All the tokens after the end of the ICO will be available to be bought only on the main website with Crypto or Fiat, and will also be present on exchanges.

I'm starting this ICO at a discount price of 1 ETH = 2000 GCO, and after the ICO the price will start at 1 ETH = 400 GCO. For those like me who are bad at math, roughly speaking as an example, at a price of the ETH of 2000$, 1 GCO will be around 1$ during the ICO, and after the ICO ends it will be 5$.

After the launch, the platform will use a 5% fee, meaning if 2 players bet 50 tokens each on a game, the winner will only get 95 because 5% will go to the company and independent game developers as fees. All players in a multiplayer game can place bets. Also the viewers can bet, if the game is live streamed, and the players for example playing a racing game, will also earn a 5% percent from the total sum of the bets placed by the viewers. Meaning in this case, from the total bets of 100 GCO, 5 GCO will go to the platform as fees, and 5 GCO will go to the winner as earnings besides the bet.

The tokens do not represent securities, as they are pieces of software that users will use to play, keep, bet, or exchange among them on the platform and exchanges. There will be no staking or investing features.

Why this ICO won’t be advertised and will have minimal exposure and listing in the first month?

Because this is the main and single advantage that a modest income person, student or young crypto enthusiast (like I was in 2012) has against a banker or investment fund. I stand by paying people as much as I can, not as low as I can. Before I retired I was one of the founders of a non-profit organization that promotes and teaches conscious capitalism. Reminding people to think besides profits also at the health of their employees and the health of this planet. I understand a company needs profits to exist and evolve, but let's not limit ourselves only to that purpose. All the sponsorships that this company will make if this will be a success, will go to those types of NGO’s. Advertising will start only in January 2024.

About due diligence

In this case where the identity of the owner will remain private, it is near impossible to be done by the book. However I prefer to try to do this ICO this way, because I believe that the nature and the utility of this project will make it obvious that this has a high rate of success, and I believe it is enough for someone who 100% understands this project. If it’s not clear enough and you don’t understand this project, please don’t get in. There is nothing more I can explain or make public about this project.

In case there will be clones of this project or similar websites who will copy this idea and will appear immediately after this ICO starts. Please look at the date of their website files (different methods presented here - please google: 4 Easy Ways to Find the Publication Date of a Website and click on WikiHow link) and social channels, and compare them to this website and our social channels dates and see which was first. The rest that appear after 31 October 2023 will be fake.

Hacking proof

What happens if someone somehow will steal all the GCO tokens? Well, they are worthless if the mother company will not support and integrate them. I have the list of buyers (ETH wallets) and the tokens will simply be replaced by a new token if necessary, in a matter of hours. You can steal a token, but you can't steal a real world EU company.

About me

I will remain anonymous for personal and security reasons. I had fame a few years ago and didn’t like it at all. Now I’m living low, I am a crypto enthusiast, ex-lawyer, ex-trader, ex-miner, and present gardener. My main business always was and still is an offshore financial consulting agency.

Currently I've been working on this project to find a legal way to do it for over 5 years. Why this long? Because at first the conclusion was that it can't be done. Both technically and legally. Then, because my main business is an offshore consulting agency, by mistake or luck I found a way to do this. I don’t have a team because I never associate and I never hire people or teams. I prefer to hire companies to do my work, contract based, because I don’t want to deal with employees, as companies respect deadlines or pay penalties. Main reason is if something goes wrong, an employee can not pay the damages, but a big company under a good contract can afford to take this responsibility. I prefer to pay more but work like this. I believe I'm faster and more efficient.

Why am I doing the ICO if I can afford to do this myself? Short answer: because I don’t afford to do it fast enough. If I do it alone it will take me 2 years to build everything at my current income stream. Therefore I risk competition from those who have more money to do it faster. However, not very likely, but I prefer not to take the risk and sell something in order to have the budget to directly buy the tools I need, and also parts of the software, instead of doing it from the ground up. Also this will significantly reduce the time until the company will start making profits and sales. Estimated time is reduced at 1 year including testing. My current company is based in the European Union and will always be. In case you wonder whose name this company will be, as the EU laws make this public, well, as I just said I am an offshore companies expert. The company will be owned by another company that belongs to me, but from a country where company owners are not public.


Any questions regarding this project will be answered and discussed on the official channels:

[email protected]


X (Twitter) @GamersCoins

Our domains will always be GamersCoins.com during the ICO and also after, but only to forward to BettingOnGaming.com as the final platform. Please always read the domain carefully as this type of scams where a letter or termination is changed are the most common. We will never contact you by email or send any unrequested emails.


2018 – 2023 International law and technical research

31 October 2023 – Launch of the ICO

15 May 2024 End of the ICO but when 5% of the tokens are sold we will already start building the project final website and platform on bettingongaming.com

1st of June 2024 - Starting building the website

1 September 2024 – Starting building the Windows app

30 December 2024 – Testing

The rest is unknown… I am not Nostradamus :') I change things very often during development. I have no associates or teams to explain anything to, therefore I work fast. I believe it is unrealistic to make any plans after this date because most of them will be according to the results obtained until that date.

Thank you.

Any other contact channels except those, are not from us!